Party time!
ariana-and-jesse-wedding- dancing

I am thrilled to share the reception portion of Jesse and Ariana’s wedding day. As you may recall, they held their ketubah and bedeken ceremonies in the Berkeley Botanic Garden and then celebrated their huppah ceremony on the Brazilian Room patio, all in Tilden Park. The reception continued immediately following the ceremony. Because we took the formal portraits down in the Botanic Gardens, Ariana and Jesse were able to kick-back and enjoy the cocktail hour.

bride and groom toast - brazilian room- tilden park, berkeley, california

The fun really got started once everyone headed inside. I so love the Israeli dancing. They kicked off several of my favorites with the Horah. I think this series of images totally captures their experience from before they get lifted through the dance to the relief when they are once again safely on the ground.

First, the look- “Oh my, what are we in for? Well whatever it is, we are in it together.”

Togetherness- “Hey, we got this covered! No problem.”

The relief- “We’re alive! Wasn’t that fun? Let’s do it again.”

Perhaps it is a bit like a roller coaster. And Ariana and Jesse added an extra element of the unpredictable. They were sitting in foldable chairs. Their friends were great, though, and totally kept them safe and secure.

After dinner we were serenaded by some very talented friends and family. What a treat!

Ariana and Jesse’s love was certainly infectious. And this couple has the distinct honor of having introduced Ariana and Jesse on the fateful Alaska backpacking trip.

Ariana’s dad was quite the dancer. He took her out for a turn on the dance floor.

And later enjoyed a dance with Ariana’s mom.

The evening closed with the traditional prayer after the meal. A group gathered around the candle-lit table to chant together.

The Brazilian Room is such a gorgeous venue. It looks beautiful at any time of day or night.

Congrats again to Ariana and Jesse and huge thank you’s! You had a super amazing, beautiful and fun wedding day- we are so glad we could be a part of it.

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