When we spoke with the amazing ladies from Bridal Heirlooms about doing a fashion shoot, we immediately knew where we wanted to do the shoot. And as we thought more about it we knew what story we wanted the images to tell. Each idea came more and more into focus.

Bridal Heirlooms has a wonderful selection of dresses and Christine and Shirley know just how to match a gown to a person’s style. We wanted to create a collection of images that hearkened back to times gone by, but with a modern touch. And we wanted to show off their fabulous gowns.

The Lord Thompson Manor is a stunning wedding site nestled in the woodlands of Northeastern Connecticut. It is just a short drive from Boston, Rhode Island, Hartford, and even, New York. A perfect getaway close to home, this estate was once a hunting villa. The feel of the site is still warm and welcoming and intensely glamorous – a wonderful place for wedding photography.

Here’s a sneak preview of the Lord Thompson Manor bridal fashion shoot.
lord-thompson-manor-fashion-bride on the grounds of the lord thompson manor in conn- a short distance from Boston, Newport and New York City

bride at lord thomspon manor- fashion shoot- thompson ct

bridal heirlooms fashion shoot at the lord thompson manor - destination wedding location for boston brides

bride in the game room at lord thompson manor during fashion portrait session

northampton photographers Allegro Photography collaborate with South Hadley\'s bridal heirlooms in CT\'s Lord Thompson Manor for wedding fashion shoot

pioneer valley wedding vendors meet up at the Lord Thompson Manor to create this bridal fashion shoot

glamor wedding photography session at the lord thompson manor

We owe a huge thank you to our model Samantha, who was amazing and patient and gracious, throughout the shoot. And of course we are so grateful to Christine and Shirley from Bridal Heirlooms and to Jackie from the Lord Thompson Manor. We had such a wonderful time working with you and at the Manor. Thank you!