We had an awesome engagement session with Elsa and Tim while we were in San Francisco. Elsa wanted something urban. So we met them in North Beach, one of my favorite parts of town, and toured all the best sites and even ventured a bit into the financial district.


fiance's hold hands as they walk down a san francisco street

Elsa comes to the city everyday for work, but Tim doesn’t get to spend much time in San Francisco so it was doubly fun to share this with them. We started off at Washington Square. It was a beautiful evening and the park was packed with dogs and their people. We still managed to sneak a few quiet moments.

couple at Washington Square for engagement session in North Beach, San Francisco, Bay Area, California

We then headed closer to downtown and grabbed a few by the City Lights Bookstore at Jack Kerouac Alley. This is such a colorful and fun San Francisco lane- no cars but lots of people and lots of San Francisco history.

bay area couple- engagement portraits- photographed on Jack Kerouac Alley by City Lights Bookstore- North Beach- San Francisco California

From this tourist spot, we dove into a quieter part of the city. Dave and I had been to this little Polish cafe and were totally enamored with its great ambiance. It was also a chance for Elsa and Tim to enjoy a drink and relax a bit.

couple during engagement portraits at cafe prague in san francisco california

We took a few more around the corner at this brilliant red wall.

couple getting married- chinese wedding-  in fremont during engagement session in san francisco

bride to be smiles at her groom with a red wall of San Francisco backdrop- financial district- chinese wedding

This is actually right next to the red wall. We got a totally different feel just by looking in the other direction!

bride and groom to be making out on the streets of san francisco's financial district

As the sun began to set, Dave captured this silhouette with the lights of Broadway beginning to brighten up around Elsa and Tim.

silhouette of couple on broadway street in san francisco

Thank you to Elsa and Tim for trekking around SF with us. We had such a great time and you two were awesome. I am so sorry we couldn’t join you guys for dinner; I hope it was amazing. Definitely keep sharing tips of your favorite eats around the Bay.

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