It is with great pleasure that I share the second portion of Shosh and Jon’s day. We just couldn’t help ourselves; there are tons of images. Shosh and Jon included so many elements of fun and honored their Jewish culture in so many different ways. And they have such a cool urban aesthetic as seen in the fabulous architecture of their venues. What’s a photographer to do? So sit back and enjoy!

shosh_jon_bride and groom in the chairs for the horah at their wedding- san jose,ca

I am actually going to take a step back in time to the tish and bedeken. During the tish, the men and women were separated, but there was a gap in the wall where we could look over and get a sense of what the other group was up to. Dave stepped into the gap and took several images to create this panorama. I love how you can see the wall in the midst of the two spaces.

tish at san jose city hall- photograph of a jewish wedding in san jose ca

Jon putting the veil on Shosh. This was such a great moment; the intimacy was palpable. In this instant, there was quiet amidst a room full of singing and celebration.

photograph of groom putting on veil of bride during jewish bedeken ceremony- south bay

And Shosh -veiled- after everyone has left to go to the ceremony. She is alone in the room with her family and the stillness has returned.

photo of bride before the wedding ceremony at the fourth street summit center

Shosh walked with her family from the San Jose City Hall to the Fourth Street Summit Center for the ceremony. The ceremony started with a Jewish custom. Shosh circled around Jon seven times. But Shosh and Jon added a beautiful twist. Shosh was accompanied by her mom and her sisters.

bride circling her groom at jewish wedding service in northern california

Shosh and Jon then walked under the huppah together.

photo of bride and groom under the huppah during jewish wedding at fourth street garage- san jose, ca

photograph of bride looking at groom- photojournalistic style

After the ceremony and the yichud, we stole some time with Shosh and Jon around the City Hall grounds. We enjoyed utlizing the awesome architecture and the unique stone walls. Jon, Shosh and I all agreed they looked like Jerusalem stone.

photo shoot with bride and groom at the san jose city hall rotunda

portrait of bride and groom by jerusalem stone wall in san jose ca

bride and groom kissing- san jose photography

bride's veil blowing in the wind- photograph- bay area wedding

Before they made their grand entrance, Shosh needed to take care of her dress. The bustling was an all-hands-on-deck affair. Jon looks like he is working hard.

photo of bustling the bride's dress at the san jose rotunda

Then right into the party….

The guests put on a show for Shosh and Jon to bring them joy on their wedding day.

guests put on a show for the bride and groom in san jose

jewish wedding tradition in northern california

Their first dance…

photograph of bride and groom's first dance- the rotunda in san jose

A view from above of the whole scene during the father-daughter/mother-son dance…

view of wedding reception

Followed by some awesome Israeli dancing. I couldn’t help moving with the crowd when I was in the mix shooting.

israeli dancing at jewish wedding

Dancing feet in san jose city hall wedding

Crazy fun times with the boys…

partying at a jewish wedding in san jose

And finally the delicious cake-cutting…. I love Jon’s expression here. It is like he might just do something he shouldn’t. Don’t worry, he didn’t. Shosh made sure of that.

bride and groom cutting the cake at san jose city hall- san jose california wedding photography

bride and groom- cake-cutting at their wedding in the south bay

Jon and Shosh, thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding. You two are amazing; your loving, generous souls are inspiring. We are so happy for you!

Elise, thank you for making sure everything went off without a hitch. Shosh and Jon are so lucky to have you. We are still amazed at your thorough planning and your poise throughout the day.

And thank you to Connie from the San Jose City Hall. You and your staff definitely went the extra mile. Great work!

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