Last week we enjoyed a retreat with a group of fabulous photographers, members of the Connecticut PUG; even the name of the retreat is cool- "Annual PUG Rock N’ Roll Retreat." We ventured to a lakehouse in the Berkshires for a little goal setting, photography, and R&R. We made some great new friends and enjoyed the camaraderie of this super talented crew.

photograph of girl in cowboy hat in massachusetts

We didn’t just get cozy with our cameras though. It was also the ideal location to take a look at where we are and where we want to be, in life and in work. We jotted down 101 goals to be accomplished in the next 1001 days.

As it turns out, I wanted to be in the water. Goal #84 -go swimming in Amanda’s lake- was tackled that weekend. I made sure Dave captured a few shots. Dave borrowed the cowboy hat and created some in-camera texture and vignetting to achieve this image.

portrait of me swimming- in-camera texturephotograph of me swimming in a lake in the berkshires

And then he got creative. When we were in Australia taking a day tour, our guide told us of a hair care advertisement in which the model flung her hair while standing in a beautiful lagoon. So I became a model and proceeded to joyfully fling my hair. It was actually pretty fun. Here’s one of Dave’s images. I am looking forward to seeing those of the other photographers who captured the moment.

australian hair fling- photographed in a berkshires lake in massachusetts

I wasn’t the only model. Dave grabbed a few of some of our friends.

Justin and Cooper hanging out on the float.

man and best friend on a float- lake in the berkshiressequence of images showing man jumping into water, followed by his dog- western mass

man and his dog swimming- western mass lake

Now we can’t wait to try swimming with Max.

And the shake-off.

the dog shake- berkshires

Mary chilling with Cooper.

portrait of woman with her dog at a lake in the berkshires

Dave was able to nab another model/photographer. Carrie looks great and was so at ease in front of the camera.

girl in cowboy hat at lake in the berkshires

Again Dave created some in-camera texture and vignetting by shooting Travis through the at the lake- in-camera texture and vinette

Self-framing by Kiva.

self-framing by another photographer/model- shot in the berkshires PUG retreat

Dave wasn’t alone taking pix.

photographer close in with subject- berkshires mass

Remember that R&R I was talking about.

photography of woman sleeping on the dock- berkshires

A huge thank you to Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography for hosting us and to Mary and Justin Marantz of Justin Marantz Photography for organizing. It was just what the doctor ordered.