My dear friends Liz and Jay got married in San Francisco on leap day. That’s right- February 29, 2008. How cool is that?! Because I couldn’t attend their wedding, we had a private celebration with a little city photo shoot. It was such a blast. We played in and around their apartment. Then we took to the streets of the Mission District. When I envisioned this shoot, I knew two things- murals would be involved and they would spend some time on their bicycles. Here’s a sampling of the fun….

liz-and-jay-couples-portrait-couple hanging out in the mission district of san francisco california- photo shoot

So sweet…

lovey-dovey couple at home portrait session

So playful….

couple jumping on the bed in their san francisco apartment

groom looks adoringly at bride in mission district

Murals and bicycles…

couple by mission mural in san francisco

This is one of the shots I really wanted to try. Fish-eye lens, me on the ground, two people I trust zooming by me. Very cool.

engagements session on bicycles in the mission district


couple making faces in san francisco bay area

Liz and Jay were true to form and tried anything Dave or I suggested. And they did it with gusto.

E&J- Thank you both so much. We had such a good time. We can’t wait to see you both soon. Congrats again- you are truly fabulous together!

Want to see more? Check out their slideshow.