We are really excited to share a few of Shosh and Jon’s wedding images. They had an amazing wedding. It was filled with love, friendship, tradition, warmth and fun. We had a blast getting to know their family and friends. I loved all of the Jewish elements; I felt right at home.

Shosh and Jon are so clearly completely and totally in love. Jon was adorable; he really couldn’t keep his eyes off Shosh. And Shosh exudes a warmth and caring for everyone. On her wedding day she had an extra aura of joy around her and she couldn’t stop smiling. They were such a pleasure to photograph.

shosh_jon_bride and groom- san jose city hall, san jose, california- veil blowing

We started the day at Shosh’s home in San Jose. We captured a few photos of everyone as they prepared for the day. And some of the dress before she put it on. bride's wedding gown at her home in san jose, ca

Shosh was surrounded by her family and closest friends. There were all amazingly calm. Until the two and a half minutes just before they left. Shosh’s mom Elise claimed that time to start the celebration. It turned into a bit of a party; there was singing and dancing to an Israeli song blasting on the stereo. Smiles were abundant as everyone ushered Shosh off to meet Jon.

Jon for his part was already at the reception site, the San Jose City Hall. He and his groomsmen were hanging out.

groom with his groomsmen at the san jose city hall in california

And one of Shosh with her sisters. They are such a fabulous trio.

bride with her sisters outside the san jose city hall in san jose, ca

And then it was time for their first meeting on their wedding day. We found a secluded spot and….

bride and groom see each other for the first time - san jose city hall wedding

photo- groom kisses his bride on his wedding day in san jose, ca


After seeing each other, the festivities really got underway. The men and women were segregated for the tish. Apparently, Jon told some pretty funny stories and his friends were there to "help." On the other side of the wall, the women were socializing and greeting Shosh.

photo of groom and male family and friends during the tish- a jewish wedding tradition- san jose ca

Just before the bedeken….

photo- bride smiles at her groom on her wedding day in san jose, ca

The ceremony was held at the Fourth Street Summit Center. The decor was perfect. Shosh walked through this beautiful draping on her way to the chuppah (wedding canopy), which her mom made out of Shosh and Jon’s grandfathers’ tallitot.

photo of bride and her parents walking down the aisle during her jewish wedding in san jose, ca

This is immediately after the ceremony. Could they be any sweeter?

bride and groom following their wedding at the summit center- a fairmont property- san jose fourth street garage

We look forward to sharing more soon so definitely check back.

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