Wil and Laura were such a pleasure to work with throughout the process. And during the portraits, they were quick to strike a pose and humor us and our crazy ideas. We are so grateful that we were able to create great images for them.


Bride and Groom at Cocktail Club in Sunnyvale, California

Before I get back to where I left off when last I blogged about Wil and Laura’s wedding, I wanted to share this one image from her getting ready. I love this photo Dave captured- it shows off Laura’s gorgeous lips and lashes at such a beautiful contemplative moment.

Bride takes a moment before her wedding at the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino, California

And now we return to their ceremony. The depth of emotion caught both of them off guard. Just moments after the vows, Laura’s eyes were filled with tears. Everyone in room felt the intensity. It was such a beautiful moment.

emotional wedding ceremony at the Historic Del Monte Building, Sunnyvale, California

Of course, we decided to lighten things up a bit during the portrait session. I think we must have been inspired by the prison at the Mad Art Gallery. This is actually a gorgeous wrought iron gate, an entrance to the Historic Del Monte Building, where their wedding was held. Check out their slideshow for images of the full scene.

the old ball and chain- the historic del monte building- sunnyvale, california

Wil and Laura entered to cheers from their guests. And enjoyed a walk among their bridal party.

First dance….so sweet.

will and laura's first dance- sunnyvale, california

Money dance….so fun. I think they must have danced with everyone in the room.

money dance- Filipino wedding- sunnyvale, california

And the party goes on. These girls could get their groove on!

bride dances at her wedding at the historic del monte building

There were so many great images from Wil and Laura’s wedding, it was hard to keep it to a reasonable number on the blog. Definitely check out their slideshow for more.