April 4, 2008- The Big Day for Wendy and Wesley

9:30 am
El Cerrito

Wesley attempts to retrieve his bride. He is faced with several grueling tasks which he and his groomsmen must perform in order to continue forward. They have to spell out "I love Wendy" by eating away at slices of white bread. They must brush their teeth with wasabi. The must correctly answer several questions on a test. The must do one-armed push-ups. They have shapes drawn on their faces with make-up. I have to say the women enjoy this part immensely. And to be honest, so did I. 🙂

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Chinese GamesWendy and Wesley's Wedding- Chinese Games

Wendy observes her groom discreetly.
Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Wendy sneaks a peak at the boys

Ultimately, after a red envelope changes hands, Wesley and his compadres achieve their goal. They get Wendy.

The tea ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for Wendy and Wesley to honor their elders and for their elders to wish for them to have a big family!

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Tea Ceremony

A few portraits in Wendy’s gorgeous red dress.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Portrait

1:55 pm
Calvary Presbyterian Church, Berkeley

Time for the religious ceremony. Wendy prepares herself for her walk down the aisle.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Wendy prepares

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Ceremony

Wendy and Wesley take another opportunity to thank their parents.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Ceremony

Berkeley City Club, Berkeley

Great photo ops!

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Portraits at Berkeley City Club

Three fabo pairs of shoes to match three fabo dresses (as promised)!

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Shoes

The reception begins.

We are serenaded by the newlyweds. These two are so amazing.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Newlyweds Singing at the Berkeley City Club

Wendy and Wesley make their second entrance with Wendy all dolled up in one of her new dresses. Dramatic lighting sets the scene.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Entrance

They steal a kiss during the cake-cutting.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Cake cutting

Wendy gets down with these adorable kids.

Wendy and Wesley's Wedding- Getting down!

What a fabulous day this was- it felt like several in one and was full of love and laughter. Everyone was amazingly generous. Kudos to the MC’s Joyce and Godfrey. You guys did a wonderful job. And thank you again, Wendy and Wesley, for including us. We had such a great time.

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