One new trend in wedding photography is a “Trash the Dress” session. It’s a fashion style newlywed shoot in which the bride (and sometimes the groom) get all dressed up again. Then they go places they couldn’t have or wouldn’t have gone on their wedding day. And pose for shots in the water, on the ground, or up a tree. Not many women choose to literally trash their dresses, and many can see the appeal. After all, it is a great chance to wear the dress again.

On the wedding day, brides and their attendants and their families are concerned about keeping the dress clean- for the pictures and for everyone to see the bride at her best. I know how that is. I didn’t want to get wet and dirty on my wedding day either. And of course, I wanted to look good in the pix.

However, many brides would like photos in which they can show off a more playful side. This requires time, a relaxed couple and freedom from restrictions. The wedding day often doesn’t give anyone much time and the couple is pulled in many directions during the day.

A trash the dress portrait session allows brides and grooms to be more free with each other. These informal portraits allow the couple to journey to different sites that show off their personalities and really experience them. Some go to the beach or a lake and others journey to the city streets. The brides and grooms can build a sand castle, frolic in a fountain or whatever they might normally do. No restrictions, lots of fun.

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