Taking the time to create your drink menu is truly appreciated by your guests. It shows the effort you put into the planning of your wedding and personalizes your wedding that much more. Not to mention, adds a little fun and a visually appealing aspect to your big day!

Looking to personalize your wedding even more? Signature cocktails are always a big hit at weddings! Aside from creating the drink yourself, couples have been naming drinks after themselves or even their dogs! M and M dedicated a cocktail to their dog Burnsie and let’s just say, their guests couldn’t get enough!

Jody Boyahian, senior event designer for Peppers Artful Events, gave us the inside scoop on this super fun wedding trend. She told us, “We try to do signature cocktails for weddings that reflect the couple’s favorite beverage or has meaning to them. For example a recent groom wanted to remember his deceased dad who always ordered a screwdriver but very light on the orange juice and heavier on the vodka….or as he would call it “The Way It Should Be” -hence the featured drink for the night for this wedding.” Taking advantage of the fall spiced drinks, Peppers Artful Events are currently featuring anything with apple cider, such as the “Fall For You” which consists of apple cider and vodka, with caramel simple syrup, garnished with an apple slice. Yum! I know what drink I’m trying out next!

There are so many ways to include some fun and creative cocktails. I highly recommend you also try the Berry Happy Together sangria, Blushing Bride Champagne, the “Honey I do” Honeydew martini, and the “Just Married” Tequila Cocktail. These will add the perfect amount of flare to your wedding cocktails!

Have you ever tried an ice luge before? If your answer is no, find one and soon! This is a great way to incorporate drinking and some entertainment for your guests. A drink of choice is mixed and poured down the sculpture, creating an ice cold and exciting shot! You will without a doubt be the talk of the town, having everyone jealous, with one of these at your wedding. I mean come on, it even looks fun!

Adding that pop of color can sometimes make all the difference at your wedding. So many couples even go as far as coordinating their wedding colors with their drinks! After all the drinks are one of the best parts…obviously behind the bride and groom actually getting married. You would be amazed at the different techniques bartenders use to make your wedding colors come to life through cocktails- making them not only nice to look at but pretty delicious to drink.

Seriously….how are those cocktails blue and orange!?!? These will definitely have your guests in awe wondering how in the world you did that.

Unique glassware has allowed couple’s to differentiate their weddings even more! Personally I am a huge fan of the big cocktail glasses! Varying sizes is always a great design choice.

Talk about knock your sox off cocktails! I love how they displayed which drink the bride and groom chose themselves. It really allows them to represent themselves in a cute way. And the garnish, almost as important as the actual drink itself! It adds the perfect touch and can sometimes be really yummy. Like the one above, by the time you finish off your drink it won’t just be any ordinary cherry, it will be a gin soaked cherry!

For a flirty and fun idea for you signature wedding cocktail, Capers Catering created a cocktail that catches your eye, as well as makes for a colorful night! You can find the recipe below and are more than encouraged to try!! The name of this mysterious cocktail you might ask…..

Pretty In Pink Margarita!

*Serves 4*

2 c. pink lemonade

½ c. fresh lime juice

1 c. Cointreau

1 c. Patron Silver

  1. Mix pink lemonade, lime juice, Cointreau, and Patron in a pitcher
  2. In a Ziploc bag, added kosher salt and 4 drops of red food coloring.  Shake and add more food coloring if necessary to make pink salt
  3. Using 2 saucers, put pink salt in one, and water in the other.  Dip martini glasses rim into water and then dip into salt to rim glasses
  4. In a martini shaker, add ice and 1 cup of margarita mix.  Shake and strain into prepared martini glass.  Repeat 3 times
  5. ENJOY!!