The days are steamy hot, vacations have come and gone, and the lines at target are getting extra long as everyone buys their school supplies; the start of the school year is upon us! And for the class of 2018, this will be their last year of high school. The end of this season is bittersweet and so very exciting. For Miss A, it’s all about the positive; she is closing her high school experience with style!

A absolutely loves working with kids and will be attending university to become a teacher! She currently works in the child lab at Wellesley High and hopes to someday start a similar program at a school that currently lacks it. We love her ambition and dedication to children so we wanted to keep her shoot fun and youthful! When she’s not loving on kiddos, A’s favorite things are shopping with her mom (Woohoo Wellesley Square) and eating ice cream (Hello, Truly Yogurt)! We are totally on board with that as well!


wellesley senior high school session