Hearing so many great engagement stories recently, but the story of how Elaine and Wei met always brings a smile to my face. As a new parent, it’s nice to know that sometimes parents get things right, although perhaps they went about things in the wrong way. You see, Wei’s parents signed him up for an online dating site without his knowledge. They got some great responses, but didn’t really know what to do once they did. So they had to confess to Wei. He wrote to all of the women and apologized and explained what happened. He offered that if any had any questions they could follow up with him. Of those women, just one wrote back. Elaine in typical spunky style had sometime to say. From there, an amazing friendship formed. And then a romance. And then an engagement.

We wanted to tell this story and the story of their proposal, all of which happened at least in part along the waterfront near the Boston Harbor Hotel. Starting in Christopher Columbus Park by the North End

At Wei’s office, because communication was all via email (aka computer) initially.

And then by phone….

Which led to the meeting that led to their beautiful Crane Estate wedding.

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