I simply adore Tamara and Stefanie. From the first moment when they came into the studio, I knew I would have such a great time photographing their wedding. And this even when Stefanie told me how much she didn’t like having her picture taken and how her eyes were always closed in photos. A challenge? Maybe, but one I love tackling. And in Stefanie’s case we came up with a plan to play with the idea . First on the list, Stefanie’s eyes would not, in fact, be closed. We would take the group photo with everyone else’s eyes closed. We laughed about that idea that day. I wasn’t sure if she would remember it though, but she did (and I would have taken it anyway because I love it.) So we made sure to capture the image on their wedding day. LOVE!

Of course it wasn’t just the one photo idea and their connection to photography that sold me. It was how great they are together. They laugh so easily and celebrate each others’ strengths. They are clearly partners in the truest sense of the word. It is always a joy to witness that kind of commitment and love.

I invite you to enjoy part 1 of Stefanie and Tamara’s wedding at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden, planned and designed by Edna from EFD Creative.

Ok, I didn’t mention the other reason I have a connection to these two. Stefanie went to Duke, and as it turns out, Tamara has become a huge fan. Go Blue Devils!

Not afraid to see each other before the wedding, but saved the dresses and other details until their first look.

Two styles for the two ladies.

Stefanie hiding so she wouldn’t see Tamara’s dress.

Stefanie got ready with her bridal party’s assistance.


A bridal portrait.

Tamara’s details and getting ready with her crew.

And then the rain began. Not what Tamara wanted to see, but she handled it in stride.

Since T&S had to share the limo to get from the hotel to Tower Hill, they made these black-out glasses. This way they wouldn’t see each other until their official first look.

First look inside the Orangerie.


Stunning bouquets by Orly from Tangerine Creations.

One formal portrait, just a tease for what is to come. We couldn’t go outside because of the rain but enjoyed all we could of the view and the indoor options.

More to come from this Tower Hill wedding, but check out their Larz Anderson Park e-session in the meantime.