On a warm summer day at Tupper Manor, two men made a commitment to each other that their love would last a lifetime. It was one of the most romantic ceremonies I have witnessed. Brian and Bruce spoke of how they found each other, from worlds apart with diverse backgrounds (from Taiwan and the US), and each gave a gift (from Brian a song for Bruce and from Bruce a poem in Chinese for Brian) to the other, meaningful and priceless. They also allowed their commitment to be political, expressing that they wouldn’t have been allowed this right in the past and that others still were refused it. Everything about their day was personal, connected, emotional and extremely touching. And so I share part one with great joy….

Getting ready- Brian at home in Beverly

Bruce at the Wylie Conference Center

First look at the beach behind Tupper Manor

the bridal party

Brian practicing his song (which he wrote for Bruce- see what I mean about romantic?!)

Ceremony on the lawn with the beautiful fountain behind the couple

Bruce reading his poem, in Mandarin- such a sweet moment

More to come from their time down by the beach and the Tupper Manor wedding reception. But if you want more right now, check out their north shore e-session, which involved James Bond moments, their sweet pup and a canoe adventure.