Following in the footsteps of her parents and her sister, Allie chose the Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma Square for her ceremony location. This intimate setting provided the perfect warmth and charm for Allie and Matt’s wedding- with just a few rows of seating, followed by standing room only, it feels as if your guests are right there with you. So the tears and the smiles and the laughter and the love were even more vibrant for our bride and groom. Plus knowing that the family has celebrated so many joyous occasions there adds to the ambiance.

And after the ceremony, a few portraits of our bride and groom around the grounds. Then off to Bartholomew Park Winery for more photos in another special spot to our couple, a park where they have spent many hours wandering, relaxing, enjoying.

Love the humor in this image.


We had great light during their portrait session, and it even drizzled a bit (yes, in Sonoma, in the summer, unbelievable). All making for some super fabulous photos still to come.