We had been awaiting Allie and Matt’s wedding for quite some time… actually since before they were even dating or we knew Matt existed. You see, we have been very lucky to know Allie since her sister’s wedding in 2007. She is one of the most lovely, gracious, creative people you will ever meet; we adore her. And so we continued our friendship on Facebook, and were lucky enough to “witness” her relationship with Matt grow, all be it from across the country. Then we got the call last January- he had proposed and would we be able to photograph the wedding. Our response, “Absolutely and we can’t wait to meet him!”

Then this summer, about a month before their wedding, we got to meet Matt (over ice cream at Ici, no less). He is absolutely everything I would have hoped for in a match for Allie- charming, handsome, adventurous, thoughtful. We talked about all kinds of things- their wedding, of course, but also travel destinations and sports and family and home decorating. Our excitement was definitely building.

The big day arrived in August. It was perfect. Allie started her day at her parents house in Sonoma, surrounded by family. We followed this with portraits at their home before going to the Mission San Francisco Solano in Sonoma Square (the same church where her parents and her sister had gotten married). And Matt got ready at the Lodge in town with portraits at City Hall and around the square. Portraits at a favorite park and a party at Buena Vista Vineyards capped off the day.

And so I share with you, Allie & Matt’s wedding, part 1…

Leaving you with just a hint of what’s to come. More soon!