A destination wedding in Connecticut would not be ideal for many brides and grooms, but for Jen and Steve it was truly the prefect spot for their fairy tale wedding. First, they found the Lord Thompson Manor, and I think almost everyone would agree the LTM is absolutely one of the most picturesque estates around. Definitely worth the trip from NYC to the northwest corner of CT. And once there, the amenities are fantastic, Jackie and her team take such good care of the bride and groom and their guests. For a weekend away, but not too far away, it is the perfect backdrop. Then of course, they also found a great church and a great dive bar- all in all, the perfect mix of beauty, romance and fun. A place where they could Live, Love, and Laugh.

So on the wedding day, we split up. Dave got to hang with the boys at the main estate, while I photographed the girls getting ready at the KISS spa, just down the road.

So first the boys. Steve is so very handsome. And I totally think this photo Dave took of him could be a magazine cover or an ad (funny that he works in advertising) or maybe even a James Bond poster.

An artistic view.

And a documentary moment of the boys’ getting ready.

This ring shot, created by Dave, was inspired by one of their themes for the day.

The girls getting ready took a bit more time. So I was able to focus on more of the photojournalistic moments.

And create a ring shot of my own- with just the engagement ring in the spa.

Loving the bridesmaid gifts (as did they)- jewelry with a message.

Jen has such an awesome sense of style. Bling-y shoes need an appropriately sparkly place to hang out.

So beautiful and not even done yet.

Getting a little help from the Father of the Bride.

The veil always makes such a difference.

More help from dad, and a couple of cutie patootie flower girls.

On her way.

Along the way, there was lots of laughter, and yes, a few tears.

And just a hint of what is up next… ceremony in a beautiful church still to come.

And more…. that dive bar I mentioned, romantic portraits, and a kick-ass party.

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