On a beautiful September day, Vanessa and Eric celebrated their wedding with classic style at the Crane Estate on Castle Hill. It isn’t always the case that the groom is as excited about the photos as the bride, but Eric was definitely an equal partner in planning their wedding and certainly had great ideas for his photos. I actually started with the boys for this day and was treated to not only a group of great guys, but also some fun traditions. We met down in the Italian Gardens, one of my absolute favorite areas of Castle Hill.

You can already see the camaraderie.

And then they started playing Bocce Ball, because that’s what these boys do. In fact, Eric had a Bocce-lor Party, rather than the typical Bachelor party. Of course, playing with this crew could have gotten dangerous, but they hit their mark every time.


Next I spent a bit of time with the ladies in their getting ready room at the estate.

Finishing touches of the veil.

Pure classic beauty. Perfect for the setting.

With her mom.

Ready for girl time.

Did I mention these two had absolutely perfect weather? Blue skies with just the right amount of clouds.

The boys and the reverend arriving to the ceremony.

One last image from the ceremony.

More to come soon from their reception and awesome dance party- these two put on quite a show- so check back for all the fun from the second part of their day.