As high school sweethearts, Elizabeth and Jimmy seemed like opposites. He went to a tech school and she was in the college prep programs. Fortunately these two know all about the “sweet” in “sweethearts” and continued to dote on each other years after their initial introductions. And when they started planning their wedding, they looked to their hometown of Waltham, and specifically a beautiful old estate, The Paine Estate, where Jimmy had practiced his carpentry craft in the early part of their relationship. The venue was home, for these two, and a perfect setting for their summer wedding.

I started with Elizabeth at her childhood home. She was surrounded by her family and her closest friends as she got ready.

Meanwhile, Dave was with Jimmy and the boys, and their pup.

The first look….

The whole family.

And a few portraits of the happy couple.

More photos to come soon from this beautiful Paine Estate wedding.