Making an entrance on your wedding day is something most brides dream about, but for Indian grooms it is also a matter of great import. For Michelle and Vilas’ wedding at the Indian Pond Country Club, Vilas’ arrival had everyone excited. And then Michelle’s wasn’t too shabby either.

Vilas arrived first, while Michelle remained hidden away. He journeyed in astride a horse with revelers singing and dancing all around him.

They even lifted him off the horse and to their shoulders.

While Michelle waited inside, I captured a quick portrait of her. I couldn’t help myself; she was so beautiful.

And she watched the festivities a bit.

There was a ceremony for him as he arrived and then we all went outside for the ceremony under the Mandap.

Music for the outdoor ceremony.

When Michelle arrived, she was carried in. Not bad, like I said.

At first the bride and groom aren’t allowed to see each other, so are separated by a sheet.

Garland gifts.

As part of the ceremony, the bride’s brother twists the groom’s ear and insists the groom takes good care of his sister. Too funny!

Another fun tradition, early on the groom’s shoes are stolen. And he can’t leave the ceremony until they are returned. Here, his side was attempting to retrieve Vilas’ shoes. In the end, they had to resort to paying for their return.


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