As the weather turns downright HOT, I can’t help but think back to cooler, more lovely times. And thought that this e-session from last fall would be just the trick to drop the temperature and enjoy a bit of beauty and whimsy.

When talking with Mikayla and John about their e-session, they had tons of great ideas. We narrowed it down to a few that would give them meaning, diversity and playful fun, as well as include their gorgeous pup Ruby. We chose to start at Northeastern, where they met, and in the library because they spent hours there together during college. Then we took Ruby on a walk along the Fens, to grab some photos of the family and with the foliage as it was turning. Finally, we concluded at Sweet Boston for cupcake yumminess.

Enjoy and stay cool!

Want more, check out their slideshow! And this fall, we’ll celebrate their wedding at the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence. Can’t wait!