It’s not my fault. It’s really not. Honestly you’d be in this pickle too; if you had these two handsome gents, who are absolutely delightful together, as your subjects. Plus an adorable pup and a gorgeous backdrop. You wouldn’t be able to select a reasonable number of images to share. You would go overboard too. So as I said, it is not my fault.

Bruce and Brian invited us to their home in the north shore for this intimate engagement/family session, and Brian had so many ideas on how we could enjoy their space. He was so thoughtful and eloquent in his sharing. And each gent saw opportunities to highlight what they loved about the other. It was a really wonderful way to spend a morning.

Allow me to introduce you to Bruce, Brian and Gizmo….

We started the shoot with our couple in Brooks Brothers tuxes around the property.


James Bond moment.

Brian entertained us with a few tunes at the piano.

Gizmo’s eying that bird. He did not jump for it.

Hilarious. These two couldn’t decide what to wear. So many choices, nothing to wear. I feel like that on a regular basis.

When Brian proposed to Bruce (Bruce also proposed to Brian at a separate time on the same trip to Paris), Brian did so with this amazing book he put together. It covered the first ten years of their relationship together and ended with the question.

Love this ring shot while playing the piano together.

Bruce and Gizmo enjoying a snuggle.

Probably the coolest part of the shoot. B&B live on a large pond and have a canoe, so they suggested that we could do some photos of them in the canoe on the water. Dave immediately suggested we bring our kayak so that we could get away from the shore. Brian kept saying, “I can’t believe you have kayaks.” It was such a fun outing. Let the adventure begin.

And because the whole thing was just too fun, we handed a camera to Brian who took our photo as we worked…. well actually I worked, Dave paddled. I think I got the better deal.

We can’t wait for their wedding at the Tupper Manor in just a few weeks.