For Cassie and Dan’s wedding, location was everything. And rarely is the setting of the wedding so personal and meaningful, especially when it is a destination wedding. You see, Dan is from Martha’s Vineyard and Cassie’s family has a place on the island, so they have both basically grown up on its beaches. Of course, they also met there. Though they now live in Boston, their ties to this beautiful place are deep and unbreakable. It was truly the perfect location for their wedding. And now a peek at their magical day…

Dan got ready at Cassie’s parents’ house with the rest of the groomsmen, and their two pups. Tank smiles for the camera with Dan prepping in the background.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- english bull dog part of the groom's getting ready party

Cassie and her girls were at a hotel in town. The place had that special beach house quality to it. So when her flowers arrived, I thought it would be perfect to use the surroundings to show them off. Love the whimsy in her bouquet.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bridal bouquet with purple pink roses and fiddle heads

Upstairs the ladies prepped and primped.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- flower girl getting ready

Cassie checking our her hair and make-up.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride checks out her hairstyle in mirror

The ladies hopped on board the trolley to go see the guys and do a couple of portraits. One of the most beautiful locations for a first look ever.


He’s already smiling and he hasn’t even seen her yet.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride approaches groom for first look

And then his smile gets even bigger.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- groom gets a look at his stunning bride for first time on wedding day

Loving everything about this spot. All the way down to the grasses.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride and groom stealing a kiss in the grasses before the ceremony

Everyone hopped back on the trolley to go to the Old Whaling Church, where they would celebrate their wedding. The views were beautiful. Loving the beach umbrella in this image.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- view on the way to the ceremony

More sweetness from our couple.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- a kiss in the trolley

Just before they make their way onto the stage.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- groomsmen prepare for their entrance

Cassie with her dad… two perspectives.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride walks down the aisle with her father

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride walks down the aisle with her dad

Such a pretty spot. Absolutely fits with the look and feel of Edgartown.

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- bride and groom on stage for ceremony

Happily married!

marthas-vineyard-wedding-edgartown-old-whaling-church- happily married recessional

So this is just the beginning, because I have so much more to share from Cassie and Dan’s beautiful wedding- the reception at the Dr. Daniel Fisher House, the after-party in a private club by the water, and even the rehearsal dinner on Chappy. Check back soon.