From our engagement session, I already knew a bit about how Ayesha and Jon were as a couple, and as parents to their pup Lucy. They are easy-going and each has a calming presence, but they also like to play and laugh. They are generally just really nice to be around. On their wedding day, we got to see another side of them. They were all of those things and more; they were gracious, warm hosts and even took care of us (totally not necessary but very much appreciated).

The day was hot, really steamy kind of hot, but night came and brought a bit of relief. Fortunately they also chose an absolutely gorgeous venue, which lifted sticky spirits and added to the whimsy and romance of the day.

We started with Ayesha as she was getting ready at the hotel. I had my first chance to see a woman dressed in a Sari. For South Asian brides (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, etc), this is the customary wedding attire. Can I just say- it is one stunning dress! Oh and it takes about 20-30 minutes to put on with the help of a professional.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- getting ready at hotel for bride

Ayesha’s bridesmaids also got to wear these beautiful garments, though modified so they were a bit easier to put on.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride and bridesmaids in sari getting ready

The boys had it easy- tuxes. Still they look awfully good on this crew.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- groom and groomsmen in tuxes for first look

I especially love the contrast and vibrancy of the reds.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride in white sari and bridesmaids in red saris

Having chosen to see each other before the ceremony, Ayesha and Jon had their first look amongst the castle walls.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- groom awaits bride for first look

Big smile from Jon when Ayesha told him he could turn around and see her.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- groom's first look of bride on wedding day

Equally huge smile from Ayesha.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride in white sari sees groom for first time

The girls hanging and enjoying the day.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride with bridesmaids

I love the way these two hold hands, so sweet.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride and groom holding hands

Yup, pretty stunning here.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride and groom with catsle walls as backdrop

Too bad, ladies, he’s taken.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- dashing groom

Melts my heart.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride and groom portraits

We went back up to the main house to get ready for the ceremony. The light was beautiful and so was our bride.

searles-castle-wedding-nh-indian-christian- bride moment of contemplation before ceremony

A quiet moment before things really get underway.


More to come from the outdoor ceremony and the tented reception.