We knew that Eleni and Johnnie’s wedding was going to be fantastic long before the actual day arrived. First there was our initial consult and the way Johnnie looks at Eleni. And at that first meeting, he shared how much he wanted to just get married so they could start their life as a family.

Then there was their engagement session, which was loads of fun. The North End was Johnnie’s stomping ground, and where they had their first date. We saw more of the neighborhood than we ever had before. And then during our pre-wedding meeting, we asked them what they were most looking forward to and they both reiterated, “We can’t wait to be married!”

So we knew the day would be extraordinarily special, focused on their love and we knew based on how much fun these two are, that their friends and family would surely be a blast as well. We were not disappointed.

We started at Eleni’s parents home for her getting ready photos and family portraits.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride gets ready at parents home

Gotta love her dress, but this image is also about the home that she grew up in- the chandelier, the china cabinet and other family heirlooms.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- brides dress hanging before ceremony, chandelier

Dave popped outside to get a photo of all the boys in the family. Eleni couldn’t resist sneaking in. Only one little guy noticed. Then Dave headed off to Johnnie’s mom’s house for their family photos.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride sneaks into boys photo and portrait

Meanwhile, Eleni was helped into her beautiful dress by her mom and her sisters.


I took a few portraits of Eleni in her parents bedroom. The window light was gorgeous. But I also love all of the family details. In this image, I was able to capture her mother watching as well as her parents wedding photo on the wall, a layered story.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bridal portraits with mom in mirror and parents wedding photo in background

And the boys helped her make her way down the stairs.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel-bride walks down stairs with help of groomsmen

On the way out, she kicked the glass of water down the stairs. Then she hopped into her vintage limo.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- brides chariot aka limo awaits

Meanwhile, Dave and the boys had made it to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Johnnie can totally pull off the Godfather look; he has the perfect smile.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- grooms cool portrait godfather esque outside church

But his true nature comes out as he waits in the back of the church. He must be thinking, “When can we start already?!”

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- groom waits for ceremony in back of church

And then the festivities began in earnest. The boys made their way out to the sanctuary. And as his niece was walking down the aisle, his sister waved her on enthusiastically.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bridesmaid sister of groom waves to daughter to help her down the aisle

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- flower girl walks down the aisle

Eleni waited outside the doors with her parents.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride waits outside sanctuary to walk down aisle to groom

From the moment she entered, she and Johnnie were all smiles. And he kept stealing glances at his beautiful bride.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- groom smiles broadly at his bride during ceremony

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- candles during greek ceremony

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride and groom super close during ceremony

Just before the kiss, Johnnie’s smile grows even bigger.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- grooms smile before the kiss of his new wife

And what a kiss it was!

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride and groom kiss at end of ceremony

Portraits followed… here’s one quick glimpse of what is to come following the ceremony.

greek-wedding-orthodox-cathedral-charles-hotel- bride and groom kiss outside church

And the Charles Hotel reception follows that with some seriously fun and funny Greek dancing!