When I met Lindsay and Rob about a year ago, I didn’t know them at all. They found us through Lindsay’s wedding gown boutique and came in because they liked what they had heard and saw. But all of that changed when we started to get to know each other. We quickly became friends. And really, if you met them, you would find them irrestibly fun and engaging too. They are easy to love- creative, talented, intelligent, so sweet on each other. I loved all of their stories. When they came over last winter to hang out, we played board games (an occupational hazard for them and a lot of fun for all of us). So when their wedding day arrived, it felt like we were going to the wedding of dear friends, and we wanted everything to be perfect for them. In truth, I think it was. So here’s a few of our favorites from their wedding day….

Dave popped by Rob’s room at the Hotel Northampton to see how things were going there. He and his son (aka ringbearer) were finishing getting ready. Loved the tailored suits and ties.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- groom and ring bearer prepare for wedding at hotel northampton

Meanwhile Lindsay was getting ready with the help of Rob’s little girl (aka flower girl).

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and flower girl prepare for wedding at hotel northampton

Separately they made their way to the Pines Theater in Look Park, where they would enjoy a first look before the ceremony. Lindsay was so excited to see Rob she couldn’t wait, so she peeked out at him (his back was to her) from behind the bushes.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride sneaks a peek at her groom at pines pavillion

Then she walked out and made her way down to him.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride walks toward groom in pines pavilion

If you want to see a few more from this first look (which was sweet and fun), check out their sneak peek on our facebook page. Following the first look, we had a good bit of time to enjoy the park and create portraits. We started with a few in the theater. These glorious trees rise behind the stage.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride adn groom enjoy the a walk under the trees at the pines pavilion

Then made our way over to the kiddie train. We only had a quick moment here because there was a long line of visitors waiting for the train, but the bridal party was able to hop on quickly.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- fun bridal party photo on the kiddie train

There is some absolutely beautiful scenery in Look Park; one of my favorite spots is by this river.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and groom kiss during portraits by the river

Playtime? Absolutely (and this is only the beginning).

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride enjoys the swing set at playground

A super sweet family portrait.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- MOB, FOB, bride and groom portrait- sweet family photo

Our ringbearer was hilarious.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- red tongued ringer bearer

Quick trip to mini-golf before the ketubah signing.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- old time family photo with mini golf

The guests have started to arrive and the kids couldn’t help but play with the bubbles in the field below the stage.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma-guest enjoys bubbles at wedding in pines theater

A strong embrace when Rob’s son arrives at the chuppah.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- groom hugs son before ceremony in pines theater

Rob’s daughter spreading rose petals for Lindsay to walk on.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- flower girl spreads petals as she walks down aisle in pines theatre

A grand entrance.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and her parents entering the pines theater for the ceremony

So here’s the part where being a friend to the bride and groom can actually present challenges. Rob and Lindsay prepared beautiful and touching vows for each other. I couldn’t help myself; I was in tears, just like everyone else.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- guests in tears

After the vows.

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- bride and groom hug after giving their vows

After the kiss and the glass stomp, Lindsay and Rob dashed off! It was like all of the pent up feelings of the day were released in a physical expression of energetic joy. (And Dave nearly got run over- too funny!)

look-park-wedding-northampton-ma- celebrating their marriage

They were soon followed by the kids.


More to come from the second half of the day and all of their amazing details.