Junior is growing up and his family is simply growing. He has a new sister now. Of course, that meant a great chance to document his family and the ways it is changing. We joined them for a Sunday morning at their home.

First off, meet our superhero. Very serious.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- super hero portrait

And he climbs trees.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy climbing tree

He can wrestle them (or hug them).


And he can fly.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- flying from the tree

He loves being with his family.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- traditional portrait but with personality

He watches over his little sister (or at least that’s what I like to call it).

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- checking out his new sister

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy holds new sisters hand

She’s a cute little gal.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- sweet sleeping baby


family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- tiny bits of a baby

And sweet coy smiles.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- a coy look from baby girl

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- naked baby cuteness

A few more… did I mention that Junior didn’t really like to sit still? Yup, not so much. His dad was having fun playing with him.

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- dad wrangles the 4 year old boy

A recurring look on his face. Hilarious!

family-portrait-wellesley-ma-photographers- little boy with his family for a photo

Want more from our super hero session? Check out their slideshow here.