On a recent trip to California, we had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of our past wedding clients who now have a one year old. We absolutely LOVE getting to see Allegro families grow and getting to meet the next generation. This little guy was an absolute doll. He has beautiful blue eyes like his mom and loves playing with his dad. I am so glad we had this chance to get together at a beautiful little park.


baby-family-portraits-park- little boy holding hands with mom and dad

The ball is a favorite toy for sure.

baby-family-portraits-park- with his big ball

Flying with daddy.

baby-family-portraits-park- flying

baby-family-portraits-park- practicing walking with mom

He loves being in his red wagon.

baby-family-portraits-park- happy to be in his wagon

Especially standing up. Oh my!

baby-family-portraits-park- proud of his wagon

“When can I climb this, momma?”

baby-family-portraits-park- contemplating climbing the tree

And of course, we captured a few more traditional portraits. I especially love when mom and dad are in the photos. I know most parents want photos of their children, but years from now, the value of the photos will increase, because the children will want these photos of them with their parents.

baby-family-portraits-park- with mom and dad

And one last fun one as our little buddy considers what mischief he can cause next.

baby-family-portraits-park- trying to go it along with mom and dad supporting in the background

Hugs to the whole family and thank you so much for inviting us to capture these images for you!

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