Working with the team at the Fairmont Copley Plaza is always a pleasure. When Tracey shared that they were going to offer something new and fun to their wedding clients, we couldn’t wait to be a part of it. You see, having a lounge type area during the dancing and dessert part of the evening has become a very popular trend. We’ve seen it at several weddings and always thought how nice it was for the guests to have an area to relax when they aren’t kicking it up on the dance floor. Often this type of space is created by simply bringing in furniture to the reception room. But the Copley Plaza adds another bit to the puzzle.

Allow me start at the beginning of the party so you can really get a sense of what I mean. Many cocktail hours are held in the Venetian Room, adjacent to the Oval Room. It’s a warm bright space, with elegant gold detailing and stunning chandeliers. Very welcoming. And very ornate. And very traditional. Here are a few from Lindsay and Alex‘s wedding last fall.

fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-boston-fall- cocktail hour in the venetian room- bright warm

fairmont-copley-plaza-hotel-wedding-boston-fall- cocktail hour in the venetian room with centerpiece arrangement- warm bright

After the cocktail hour, guests go into the Oval Room for dinner and dancing. They are often also invited back into the Venetian Room for dessert. So Tracey and her team realized they could use the time during dinner to completely transform the Venetian Room into something spectacular.


Something cool, funky, fun, modern. A wow space. The perfect lounge for dessert and hanging out after dinner.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- lounge furniture and blue and purple uplights in the venetian room

As it turns out, they had the space they needed and they even have the technical staff to create the infinite lighting possibilities.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- dancing dessert club with uplights

All purples, all blues, all reds, all pinks….

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- evening party atmostphere in the venetian room- pink purple lighting

Or some combination of colors….

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- view of the venetian room lounge for dessert and drinks after hours with uplighting

And the mirrors reflect the light back in all sorts of vibrant ways.

copley-plaza-fairmont-venetian-room-club- venetian room lounge with purple lighting

From traditional elegance to modern chic in the space of a couple hours. Simply awesome!