Late summer/early fall of last year, we had the opportunity to work on a beautiful wedding with Tasha Bracken of SD Events. Tasha and her team planned a weekend that started with a wonderful rehearsal dinner at a family home in Manchester-by-the-Sea. They dealt gracefully with some less than perfect weather.

The next day brought stunning blue skies and joy to the happy couple and their families. The bride prepped at the Seaport Hotel while the groom got ready at a family home in Cambridge. The couple wed at the Harvard Memorial Church and celebrated with a reception at the Boston ICA. I thought it would be fun to share a few images showcasing the fabulous details from this New England and art-inspired wedding.


First the church florals (all by Honey of Lotus Designs). Here, her designs incorporate warm fresh hues of yellow, oranges, bright greens, and whites.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harvard memoridal church alter and flowers

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harvard memorial church aisle flowers

To get the guests from the church to the museum, what could be more Boston than a Duck Tour?

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- duck tours and trolley guest transportation

When the guests arrived, they were greeted by the view of the Boston Harbor.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- harbor view from institute of contemporary art

Colors for cocktail hour were deep purples and blues.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- cocktail hour centerpiece by honey of lotus designs

The Wolfgang Puck team always ready with a smile!

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details-wolfgang puck bartender in the cafe

For the dinner reception, Honey looked to shift the color palette. Here fuschia orchids, reds, greens, and blues made a contemporary statement for the modern space of the Barbara Lee theater.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- institue of contemporary art barbara lee theater- floral arrangements from ceiling and on table

When you take a step back, you can see how cool the space was with all of the floral sculptures floating from above.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- theater at ica with floral decor by honey of lotus designs

Note the table cards, a tribute to museums around the world.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- museums around the world as names of tables at museum wedding

A special gift for the guest at each table setting.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- double happiness guest coaster gift

Dinner music, string trio.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- string trio dinner music for wedding reception

Downstairs to the lobby for dessert and dancing.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- dessert in coffee cups by wolfgang puck

One final floral look… all shades of purple. Red linens were brought in to offset these arrangements.

ica-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront-details- dancing and dessert in the lobby with special centerpieces

So grateful to be able to capture these images from such a wonderful weekend. A very special thank you to Tasha Bracken of the Simple Details Events and Stephanie Rossi, and our bride and groom and their families.

And to the team who made this event come together beautifully, it was a pleasure to work with you:
Getting ready hotel: The Seaport, Boston
Ceremony site: Harvard Memorial Church, Cambridge
Reception venue: Institue of Contemporary Art, Boston
Caterer: Wolfgang Puck
Florist: Honey from Lotus Designs
Transportation: AA Allstars Rolls Royce, Duck Boat, and Trolley
Reception music: Hip Pocket Orchestra