Coming together to celebrate a very special birthday, grandma’s 75th, this family wanted to document the three generations in a beautiful portrait. They were having lunch at the Boston Ritz and we figured it would be the perfect place to meet. Plus we had hoped to go to the Commons or the Public Gardens if the weather cooperated. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, but fortunately the Ritz did. The staff gave us access to their event spaces so we would have some privacy for the portraits. Window light added the beautiful glow. But all of the warmth definitively comes from this family.

To kick things off, the birthday girl…


boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- 3 generations near the public gardens

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- father and son portrait

Love this one.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- sister and brother photo

Such personality.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- mom and her kids

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton-2 generations

Total hams. They had been asking to do this for the whole session and we were thrilled for them to finish it off with their daring feat.

boston-family-portrait-ritz-carlton- kids fooling around all on their own

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