For a couple that likes the changing seasons and the outdoors, it seemed only fitting that Amy and Alex would get married in the spring and capture the beauty of the fall for their e-session. While November seemed past prime time for colorful leaves, Dave was able to find some still gorgeous trees at Larz Anderson park. The backdrop of orange, gold and chestnut combined with the autumn sun was perfect to highlight the warmth and playfulness of Amy and Alex. I am sure these will make you smile.


lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- bride and groom to be will wed at bhh in boston ma

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- boston harbor hotel wedding in may

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- autumn leaves orange brown yellow

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- autumn e-session in boston park

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- auto museum park in autumn for e-session- boston ma

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- boston wedding photography bhh couple

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- teacher and fisherman e-session outside boston massachusetts

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- fiances enjoy the leaves of autumn

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- couple portraits in boston mass

lars-anderson-brookline-ma-fall-engagement-photos- autumn colors of orange red yellow for e-session in boston mass

Thank you both for a great session. We are looking forward to your Boston Harbor Hotel wedding this spring!

Still want more? Check out Amy and Alex’s slideshow.