A few years back, Brenna found herself in London for work. During her stint, she met Dan and they fell in love. When she started to plan their wedding though, she decided that Boston (where she was from and her family still lives) was the perfect location. Her stateside friends and family would easily be able to join in the celebration and she and Dan could introduce their English family and friends to a great town.

I started the day with Brenna in her bridal suite at the Boston Harbor Hotel. When I arrived, she was in the midst of having her make-up applied.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride getting her make-up done in bridal suite at bhh in massachusetts

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride having her make-up applied at bhh bridal suite in downtown

A final check before she put on her dress.


When I initially met with Brenna and her mom, I remembered Brenna talking about her wedding gown and how she was so excited about the dress. (I can’t help myself- when the groom’s not there, I always ask.) So I myself was looking forward to seeing what she picked, and I absolutely love this Monique Lhullier gown she chose.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma-monique Lhuillier wedding gown at the bhh in mass

The lace and the silhouette looked amazing on her, and she was completely at ease in this dress.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- portrait of the bride at the bhh in her bridal suite

A classic beauty.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride with beautiful eyelashes at bhh bridal suite- massachusetts

I would be remiss if I didn’t share a portrait of Dan. Such a cutie.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- portrait of the groom in front of St. Stephens Church in the north end, massachusetts

When Brenna was all set, she and her sister rode in a town car to St. Stephen’s Church.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride holds hands with her sister in private car on way to st stephens church wedding

Awaiting our arrival were two ushers.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- groomsmen and ushers await arrival of guests to st stephens church north end

The walk down the aisle can be a nervous one, but Brenna found great joy in seeing her friends.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride walks down aisle with her dad and waves to guests at st stephens church wedding

Simple elegance of St. Stephen’s.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- view of the church chandeliers and alter - st stephens in the north end

These two are absolutely and completely enamored with each other. They couldn’t help smiling and kissing and snuggling at every chance. It was a joy to observe because their smiles are truly infectious. Like this moment when Brenna is placing the ring on Dan’s finger.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride happily place ring on groom's finger in st stephen's church wedding ceremony

Of course, there were a few tears from the guests.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- parents of the bride and aunt of the bride teary eyed during wedding ceremony

After they sealed the deal with a kiss.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride and groom smiles as leave st stephan's church after the ceremony

A few portraits at the church. We popped up to the balcony for some quiet moments.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride and groom in the balcony of st stephans church for portraits- all cuddly

One of my absolute favorites. This one feels like it should be on the front of a Going to the Chapel single. Plus you can see the red brick of the North End through the window.

boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-waterfront-ma- bride and groom kiss in front of window at st stephans church in the north end

More to come soon from their portraits at the Boston Harbor Hotel and the fun reception in Wharf Room.