For Alyssa and Slava’s wedding by the water, Dave teamed up with associate photographer, Brian Lee, to capture their wedding day. They were treated to stunning weather and beautiful views, not to mention a gorgeous couple, who are also truly kind, warm individuals.

They arrived in time to capture the groom getting ready in the billiard room.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- groom getting ready in the billiard room

Looking debonair.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- groom portrait by the pool table

Meanwhile, it took a bit longer for our bride. She started in curlers. So cute.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- bride in curlers, getting ready

Checking out how the styling is going.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- bride getting ready, reflection in mirror

I adore Alyssa’s ring- here on their ketubah.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- wedding ring details on ketubah

Her wedding gown.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- wedding gown of bride hanging, detail shot

And her shoes. Somehow this just works.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- bride's shoes by nina and family photos

Once both our bride and groom were ready. Dave took them outside to see each other for the first time. Slava awaits his bride.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- groom waits on rocks by water for his bride to arrive, to see each other for the first time on their wedding day

Each time I look at this photo of Alyssa and Slava seeing each other for the first time, I get a wee bit giddy. It is so rich with emotion.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- beacutiful quiet moment, sun kissed by the sea

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- snuggling bride and groom moment with blue skies

In the scene. Stunning.


Then time for the ceremony. A beautiful silhouette by the water.

private-estate-wedding-boston-ma-waterfront- bride walking to her ceremony- silhouette by the sea

Their tented ceremony and reception followed, and with it are more amazing photos. But you will have to wait just a little longer to see those.