An intimate wedding with their closest family and friends, amazing food and wine, and works of art surrounding them…. These were the elements that Jess and Dan sought when celebrating their wedding. When they discovered that one of their favorite restaurants Rialto had a private event space, they knew they had found their location. The space offered the intimacy they wanted as well as the good eats.

Because the restaurant is located in the Charles Hotel, it was only natural for Jess and Dan to get ready there as well.


Jess had the help of a few close friends as she prepped.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride gets ready before seeing groom for first time- west of boston

Loving this image Dave captured of Dan getting ready. A completely different take on it.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- the hour draws closer as groom prepares suburbs of boston massachusetts

I took a little liberty and included this image of Dan’s niece and nephew with his getting ready photos, even though it happened during his 2nd getting ready. Aren’t they adorable?!

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- boys and girls enjoy while groom gets ready for his ceremony

After both Jess and Dan were ready, we brought them outside to a secluded walkway near the hotel so they could see each other for the first time in private.

Dan awaiting Jess’ arrival.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- groom ready to see bride for first time

Jess is full of spunk, and this photo totally captures her personality. She did, indeed, boogie down the path to go meet her groom. I’m surprised we were able to keep our camera’s straight as we were laughing pretty hard.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride playing as she walks to see her groom for the first time- near boston mass

When they saw each other, it was all tenderness; the mood changed to one of joy and peace.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- taking it in, seeing her groom for the first time; bride is emotional


cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- hands touching of bride and groom when see each other for first time along a path near the charles river

Of course, the benefits of seeing each other beforehand are many. One of the reasons Jess and Dan chose to do so was so they would have enough time for their portraits, and be able to attend cocktail hour. We definitely love having the time to play around with our couples before their ceremony. Relaxed, fun, beautiful portraits come out of that time. A few of my faves.

Classic beauty.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- couples portraits in the park for bride and groom before their ceremony- near charles river

Smoky sensuality.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bride and groom's portraits in jfk park near charles river, massachusetts


cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- enjoying the look of their clothing- bride and groom suit and wedding dress and bouquet

Oh, and here’s a good time to talk about the structural art surrounding them. First of all, Jess chose this phenomenal couture wedding dress by Amsale. And she worked with her florist to create floral arrangements that had depth and dimension. You can see it here in her bouquet and later in the table arrangments.

We worked our way back to the hotel for a few touch ups and to hide Jess away in the restaurant so none of the guests would see her. While we waited for the ceremony, we captured a few of Jess alone.

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- bridal portrait before her ceremony at the rialto restaurant- calm moment

The guests gathered in the ceremony room, and then the music changed. It was Jess’ entry music. The curtains were drawn. And ….

cambridge-wedding-charles-hotel-ma- just before bride enters to walk down the aisle for her ceremony at the rialto restaurant

You will have to check back for the rest from Jess and Dan’s wedding day. They are not quite ready. But if you need another fix now, you can see a few from their engagement session.