Prepping and primping for a wedding takes time, takes experienced professionals, takes vision- well, at least for the women it does. For the men, it takes about 5 minutes, and they’re done. So of course, the photos captured during the getting ready of the men and the women are vastly different. For Loula and Massimo’s wedding, Dave and I split up- Dave hung with the boys at Massimo’s place in the North End and I played with the ladies at Loula’s suite at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The rings were with the boys. And Massimo wanted an image documenting the ring alongside the day’s newspaper.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- ring shot at north end home with sunday globe newspaper- bride and groom's ring, ma

Meanwhile, I was capturing details of Loula’s wedding dress, shoes and veil.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- bride's veil at the boston harbor hotel, waterfront, massachusetts

And of course, documenting the process of the preparation.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- bride gets ready in presidential suite at bhh; downtown in mass

As I mentioned, the boys don’t take much time to get gussied up. So Dave had time for some fun portraits of the boys.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- groom and the boys hanging out in the north end; machismo;

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- groom with his groomsmen at the loading dock in north end, boston ma

Loula getting into her dress.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- bride gets into her dress at the bhh; massachusetts

Her koumbara put on her shoes, a special Greek tradition.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- greek tradition; koumbara puts on bride's shoes before her wedding at the boston harbor hotel; presidential suite

Loula takes a moment by herself, almost, to put on her jewelry. I love how her pup watches her captivated.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- bride puts on jewelry before wedding and her dog looks on - suite at the boston harbor hotel

I have time for a quick portrait before we head out.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- bridal portrait a the BHH on the waterfront in ma

Dave and the boys are already at the church. This little sweetheart is so intent.

loula-massimo-state-room-greek-boston-wedding- flower girl lights candle at greek orthodox cathedral in boston massachusetts

As the boys arrive at the church, we are heading out. Loula hired a beautiful vintage car to carry her and her parents to the ceremony. Just a moment before we leave.


More from Loula and Massimo’s wedding- ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral and reception at The State Room– to follow soon. In the meantime, check out their engagement session in Nahant.