Jess and Dan are so much fun to be around and we had a wonderful time photographing their engagement session, just before their wedding.

jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- bride and groom to be getting cute

First and most importantly, they are completely comfortable with each other. They began their relationship as close friends, having met at work in the hot bed that all start-ups offer. After a bit, they discovered their fondness for each other had grown and changed. They realized a romance was brewing. After spending even a short time with Jess and Dan, you can tell they know each other top to bottom.

Secondly, they chose a great location for their engagement session- the locale where they first met and spent much of their time together, One Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. So the engagement session was also a tour of their favorite haunts. And now I leave you to enjoy Dan and Jess!

At The Blue Room


jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- enjoying an old hang out

These two were so interactive. Telling us great stories and sharing ideas. Loving this ramp, a mix of old and new architecture.

jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- modern architecture serious moment

jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- hanging out in old stomping grounds

Around the corner from the main square, a quiet funky little spot.

jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- chillin'

Then into the parking garage for views of the area, but enjoying the stairwell just as much. These two are too cool. Love the light, the sunglasses and the lines.

jess-dan-e-session-one-kendall-sq-cambridge-ma- cool

Their wedding was just last week and we had such a great time with everyone- an intimate celebration at Rialto! Check back soon for a sneak peek of the festivities.