But what is a perfect couple? I am sure we may each have our own definition, but here’s mine. They are a couple that laugh and cry together; hold each other; play with each other; enjoy, admire and appreciate each other. They are two people who have their own unique interests, but find other interests in common. They help each other grow. Christina and Vincent are one such couple. I love the way they interact with each other- completely at ease, each so much a part of the other person. Their wedding was filled with smiles, laughter and love. It celebrated who they are as individuals and who they are together.


As Christina and Vincent were both getting ready at the Boston Harbor Hotel, we were able to spend time with both of them. Christina had already had her hair and make-up done at a salon near her mom’s house so the ladies came to the hotel to get into their dresses and complete a few finishing touches. The crew was very relaxed and pretty much just enjoyed the time together. Lots of laughter here.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- bride enjoys her friends during her getting ready in her room at the bhh- downtown boston ma

One of the ways Christina and Vincent chose to share a bit of themselves was in the theme of their wedding- wine and chocolate. Sounds good, no? So they chose to incorporate deep reds and purples- burgundy, merlot, wine- into their color scheme. Check out the bridesmaids bouquets alongside their garnet dresses.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- wine and chocolate theme leads to cranberry dresses and bouquets with purple burgundy merlot calla lillies and roses and other flowers for the bhh wedding

We had a little time before Christina was scheduled to meet Vincent for the first time so we captured a few portraits of Christina and a few details. She looked stunning in this halter style Vera Wang gown. So elegant.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- bride looking out towards window above boston waterfront and wharf room

And the veil with ribbon edges was a perfect match.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- brides veil details ribboned edge in her room at the bhh- waterfront hotel

Dave popped into the room where Vincent was hanging with his boys and captured this portrait of Vincent waiting for his chance to see Christina.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- groom portrait as he waits to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day at the bhh downtown

Then it was time. Vincent was waiting in the Rotunda with his back to where Christina would enter. As she left her room, she gave her girls a high-five. Such a perfect moment.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-bride gives her bridesmaids a high five on her way to see her groom in the rotunda- downtown boston, ma

As Christina approached Vincent, her mom and bridesmaids peeked around the corner to watch.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- bridesmaids and mother of bride look on as bride and groom see each other for first time in rotunda at bhh

Vincent’s huge smile when he sees Christina.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- bride and groom all smiles when first see each other in the rotunda before their ceremony- boston waterfront, mass

Christina’s joyful tears when she sees Vincent.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding-bride tears up after seeing her groom in the rotunda for the first time on their wedding day- downtown ma

Then they enjoy a few moments together amidst the architectural beauty of the Rotunda.

christina-vincent-boston-harbor-hotel-wedding- bride and groom in the rotunda after seeing each other for the first time- waterfront massachusetts

And that’s just the beginning. More to come soon from their beautiful Boston waterfront wedding.

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