We’re back and we’re so excited to share a sneak preview from Pamela and Albert’s wedding. I don’t want you to have to wait a moment longer, so I am going to dive right in.

Pamela and Albert started their day at the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston. Albert was hanging out in the lobby with the boys when we arrived.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- groom before he goes to get his brides in lobby of hotel commonwealth- boston massachusetts

While Pamela was hidden away, Albert and his groomsmen were set to the task of winning their way to her. That meant amongst other things- push-ups, poetry, marshmallow eating, complex math problems, and perhaps a wee bit of bribery.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- groomsmen does push ups for groom to win bride- chinese traditions

Pamela was at another laptop in which she could see Albert, but his screen was covered so he couldn’t see her.

groom plays games at hotel commonwealth to win bride and take her to reception at Veronique ballroom in brookline ma

Eventually, Albert was allowed to see his bride. And their union was followed by the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- chinese tea ceremony at hotel commonwealth- boston ma

We then headed off to the church, where Pamela changed into her Western wedding gown.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- bride gets help from bridesmaids as get ready for ceremony at newton massachusetts church

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- bride looking at self in mirror at newton church

A little make-up touch up, though to be honest, she looked amazing. No one could take their eyes off her.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- bride getting ready with bridesmaids at church in newton mass

And now just a few of their beautiful details to inspire you.

First, Pamela’s bouquet. Loving the white dahlias.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- bridal bouquet from wedding at hotel commonwealth

And the flowers in her hair. She changed these to match her dresses throughout the evening. (Yup she changed dresses, part of the Chinese tradition. She looked fabulous in every one.)

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- bride's necklace and flowers in her hair before ceremony at church in newton ma

And the shoes.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- brides wedding shoes at church in newton ma

Meanwhile, Albert was waiting outside going over his speech.

pamela-albert-veronique-ballroom-boston-wedding- groom waits for ceremony and veronique ballroom reception- brookline ma

Just before the Christian ceremony, Albert was allowed in to where Pamela was. They shared a prayer with their closest family and friends. The whole time, Albert kept his back to Pamela, mostly with his eyes closed just in case, so that he could see her in her white dress for the first time when she walked down the aisle.


More to come soon. The ceremony and their amazing 5 course dinner at Veronique. Oohhhh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.