They had talked about getting married. They had planned on getting married. They knew they were getting married. They just hadn’t made it official yet. So Emily had no qualms about joining one of her dearest friends, who happened to be engaged, on a wedding dress expedition. She figured she would start her search as well.

When Yeung got wind of this, he knew it was time to make his move. He wanted Emily to start her own journey on the right foot. He wanted her to have a ring on her hand when she went shopping for that perfect dress. So he arranged to surprise her outside their first wedding salon. On the spot, he proposed to her. Of course, she said yes! Honestly, I can’t believe how sweet this is. Sort of reminds me of the scene in Sweet Home, Alabama where Patrick Dempsey proposes to Reese Witherspoon by bringing her to Tiffany’s to choose her ring. Que romatico!

When it was time for their e-session, I just knew their chemistry would shine through. They already have such a great story. Plus they are both pharmacists; there had to be chemistry. We were not disappointed. So here’s a few from their session near Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.


emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school campus green e-session- massachusetts

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- white stone walls - hand holding- mass

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- bride looking at camera- city e-session

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school steps- cambridge ma

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- harvard medical school lawn- massachusetts

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- fashion influence bride and groom e-session

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- engagement ring in focus

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- bride and groom in the grass

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- groom chilling at brigham and women's hospital- two pharamcists engaged

emily-yeung-boston-ma-engagement-photos- arrow points to bride and groom to be- city in massachusetts

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