After seeing a glimpse of the first half of their day, you must already know that Donna and Jimmy were going to have a great time at their reception. In fact, everyone did.

Their grand entrance as husband and wife.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride and groom grand entrance to reception in new england

Enjoying the first dance.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride and groom's first dance during boston mass reception

Guests joined them for a slow song on the dance floor. I captured this image of the feel of the day- intense love, zooming.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride and groom slow dance with other couples on the dancefloor during ma reception

Then things really got underway. Some very serious dancing.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- guests enjoying the music during new england party

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- wedding party underway with serious dancing

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- massachusetts wedding dancing fun

Loving the rim of light around the lead singer.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- lead singer of the band at mass wedding party

At most weddings, the bride and groom get their first dance together and then maybe a few fast songs together, if they are lucky. Donna and Jimmy managed to get in several dances, and they enjoyed every single one.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride and groom dance together during their reception in boston ma

And Jimmy getting down on his own.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- groom dances with abandonment at his wedding on the fish pier

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- guests celebrate at wedding on the pier in massachusetts

After all that dancing, Donna needed a break. One generous gent offered her a foot rub. Definitely the way it should be for the bride.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride gets foot rub during her reception

Jimmy toasted his guests.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- groom offers a toast to his guests

Then, side-by-side Donna and Jimmy attacked, I mean, cut the cake. Hilarious!

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront- bride and groom cut the cake

The party continued, with guests joining the band, and singing a few.

donna-jim-wedding-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-guests sing with the band at the reception by the sea

And the band kept the fun going all night long.


Many thanks to our couple, Donna and Jimmy, and all of the talented professionals who helped create this magical party for them…

Donna’s best friend, Jane Pofcher Goldman, and planner of D’Lish Intimate Catering, for coordinating, designing and planning the event with Donna

And the rest of the team-

Getting Ready Venue: The Hotel Marlowe, Cambridge
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Exchange Conference Center, Boston
Caterer: Legal Seafoods
Wedding Cake: Konditor Meister
Floral design: Winston Flowers
Chuppah Design: Jessica Erickson
Chuppah Rental: Tommy Wholesale Design
Linens: Rentals Unlimited
Wedding Gown: Vera Wang
Invitations and Graphics: Jessica Erickson of J.L. Erickson Design

If you still want more, check out their e-session in Ashland, their sneak preview, and their slideshow.