I’ve enjoyed getting to know Emily and James over facebook, but feel like their engagement session sealed the deal. They are both such lovely people, clearly enamored with each other and their families. But seeing them interact in person was a true joy. They have been together since their college days at The University of Arizona, and their comfort with each other definitely shows. They made my job a piece of cake.

The theme for their wedding is La Vie en Rose, so Emily wanted to incorporate flowers into their engagement session. The Elizabeth Gamble Garden has a lovely rose garden, plus lots of other great options as well. One of my favorite spots in Palo Alto.

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- gamble garden with roses- south bay, ca

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- bride and groom to be among the trees- gamble garden silicon valley, california

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- brick wall bride and groom to be- garden in south bay cali

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- bride and groom to be by the fountain- south of san francisco, ca


They also wanted to hit the Cantor Arts Center on Stanford’s campus. This gave them a more cosmopolitan feel. Emily changed into a special outfit for the occasion. She is wearing the dress she wore when James proposed.

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- art museum on stanford campus- south of sf, ca

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- cantor arts center, stanford university- silicon valley california

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- stanford art museum south bay, cali

So love this photo. They are dancing and I caught this mid-twirl. Sweet!

emily-james-palo-alto-engagement-session- yoga instructor and her fiance dance at the cantor art center, san fran south bay cali

Such a fun couple! You should definitely check out their slideshow for more from Emily and James engagement session.