Fun. That’s what Donna and Jimmy are all about. And they wanted their wedding to express that part of themselves. Donna explained the evening as "a party where where there also happens to be a wedding." She totally hit the mark. People were smiling and eating and laughing and dancing all night long. And even the wedding ceremony was filled with joy and cheers. The gray skies couldn’t bring anyone down.

Donna and Jimmy started their day at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge; breaking all the rules, they got ready in the same room, so we didn’t do a special first look moment. Instead we started right in on the portraits. First one of our dashing groom.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- portrait of the groom at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge; staircase

And one of our lovely bride, looking stunning in her Vera Wang gown.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- portrait of bride at the Hotel Marlowe with red background

Then off to the Exchange Conference Center on Boston‘s waterfront. The guests had already begun to arrive and were being treated to drinks and good company. Donna was excited to see everyone.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- bride greets guests who have arrived for the cocktail hour prior to the ceremony- new england

Soon Donna and Jimmy were whisked away to a room upstairs for their Ketubah signing ceremony. A few of their closest friends and family joined them.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- rabbi talks to family during the ketubah signing ceremony in new england

Totally cute holding hands under the table.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding-bride and groom holding hands during the ketubah signing ceremony- massachusetts

And one looking in from the outside.


We had hoped to go outside for portraits on the pier, but the weather that day thwarted our plans. Dave was able to give them a taste of the view through a window.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- quick portrait with view from window due to rainy day- pier in boston mass

When getting married the second time around, there are definitely different people at your wedding. For Donna, the fact that her sons could walk her down the aisle made the day all the more special. Still she couldn’t take her eyes off Jimmy as she walked towards him.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- bride walks with her sons to meet her groom under the chuppah

The stories told during the ceremony were warm and funny, but my favorite moment was their kiss. Even the guests were super excited about it!

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- guests celebrate the official ceremony kiss- boston ma

And Donna and Jimmy look so happy to have sealed the deal.

donna-jimmy-exchange-conference-center-boston-waterfront-wedding- bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony- massachusetts

More soon, but if you just can’t get enough of Donna and Jimmy, check out their Ashland e-session, complete with a Harley-Davidson.