For Mina and George’s Northern California destination wedding, they brought together both of their cultural traditions and treated their guests to some really fabulous experiences. From the traditional Persian ceremony, complete with the Sofreh-ye Aghd (or spread), and Persian dancing to the Chinese tea ceremony and Dim Sum for Sunday brunch, their East meets Far East wedding was a perfect blend.

Guests traveled from near and far. Even Mina and George came all the way from Chattanooga, Tennesee. One of the other exciting elements for everyone was the fabulous Tri Valley view. Mina and George chose the Canyon View because the terrace offered 270 degree views of the gorgeous California hills.

Mina and George both got ready at the nearby Marriott hotel. Dave hung out with George as he prepped.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- bride getting ready in california destination wedding

Loving the detail on Mina’s shoes and best of all George did all of the crafty work to add the bling. Seriously. He put on all of the crystals. Pretty amazing, no?

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- brides shoes with bling added by groom at cali hotel

When Mina arrived from the hair salon, it was time to get into her dress.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding-bride getting ready in california destination wedding

Mina and George didn’t have a traditional bridal party, but Mina’s best friend Sarah was the best unofficial maid of honor ever. She helped Mina get all gussied up, and kept the whole day running smoothly.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- bride getting ready at san ramon hotel in east bay

Loving all the details of Mina’s look, from her sparkly earrings…

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- brides earring and jewelry for sf bay area destination wedding

To the stunning back of her dress. And everything in between.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- back of brides nouvelle vogue dress for sf bay area destination wedding

As soon as Mina was ready, we brought George to the hotel garden where they would see each other for the first time. Check out the big smile on his face as Mina walks towards him.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- groom sees bride for first time in gardens at hotel under gazebo, san ramon ca

We took a few portraits of our bride and groom before heading to Canyon View for the ceremony.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- bride and groom in gardens at hotel for portraits

The ceremony was held on the terrace.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- persian wedding in san ramon with views of the hills

I was particularly taken with the officiant’s use of the iPad. Never would have thought of that, especially given how bright out it was, but it seemed to work great for him.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- the officiant for the persian part of the wedding ceremony with ipad

Part of the tradition is for family friends to hold a canopy above the couple during the ceremony.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- enjoying the ceremony under the shawl held by the single friends; sugar was sprinkled

When the officiant asks the bride for her hand on behalf of the groom, she doesn’t speak at first. He asks 3 times and finally she says "Baleh." This moment is full of joy and laughter. Here it was captured by our associate Brian.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- enjoying saying no to the grooms desire to wed during the persian ceremony in san fran's east bay

And one of my personal favorite moments from the ceremony. Mina and George give each other a taste of the honey from the sofreh. Sweet and sexy.

mina-george-sf-bay-area-hills-wedding- the sweetest part of the persian ceremony feeding each other honey

And just a hint of what’s to come, here’s one from their portrait session.


More soon from their fabulous party.

But if you want to see more of Mina and George now, check out their engagement session PicFlick.