One summer a few years ago, fate took hold of Suzanne and Andy’s lives and brought them together in a way neither would have expected. As Suzanne said, "Who meets in a bar?" Well actually, she and Andy did. And it was perfect.

Suzanne had been visiting her family at the time, but was living in Southern California. A friend took her to this neighborhood bar for a drink. A friend of Andy’s happened to bring him to the same bar. It’s the kind of bar that really is meant for the locals and probably sees a lot of the same faces. Not the kind of place you would expect to meet your future spouse, or even someone new. Neither Suzanne nor Andy went to the bar to fall in love, but love is what they found.

Fast forward to this summer. Suzanne and Andy are busily preparing for their wedding at Stone Tree Golf Club. We took a few hours to enjoy the city they have spent so much time in and create engagement photos for them. San Francisco gave us all its blustering cold dripping wet fog (yes it was gruesome) and Suzanne and Andy gave us smiles and warmth. It was a perfect night.

We started off in North Beach (for those touristy types, that’s the Italian district in SF) and wandered along the streets. Both Suzanne and Andy had lived in the neighborhood at various points in their lives so had strong ties to the area.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- session with bride and groom to be in SF Italian neighborhood

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- kissing in the street with Sausalito couple

Meandered over to Washington Square Park for a little greenery.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- checking out the scenery by Columbus Park in SF CA

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- distant views and snuggling close during foggy night in sf

Loving this shot. So San Francisco- you’ve got the MUNI lines criss-crossing over the street and the TransAmerica building in the background.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- transamerica building in background as couple wanders through italian neighborhood in sf

Enjoying the architecture.


A little Monet-esque as they are walking. Take a moment and enjoy the yellow sweater Suzanne is wearing. Love bright colors on a gray day.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- motion blur of walking fiances during portrait session

Of course, we had to head over to the scene of the crime. So we hopped in their car and drove to Russian Hill where that neighborhood bar, The Buccaneer, is located. Could this be how it all started?

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- at the bar where they met in sf

They hadn’t been back since their first anniversary, which made it even more fun to relive their story. As it turns out, the same bartender was serving up drinks the night they met and the night of our shoot. I think all the memories brought out even a bit more romance.

suzanne-andy-san-francisco-north-beach-russian-hill-engagement-photos- at the bar where they met in sf- sausalito couple kisses

We had so much fun and now we can’t wait for their wedding in just a few short weeks. This was just a smattering of all the amazing photos we were able to get of this awesome couple. I would definitely recommend checking out their slideshow for more from Suzanne and Andy’s SF e-session.