She’s energetic, sassy and fashionable. He’s cool, calm and collected. His wild side gets its chance to shine when he rides his motorcycle (a beautiful Harley Davidson); her creative juices get flowing when she talks style. They are a perfect match. And they are so fun to be around.


We met up with Donna and Jimmy at a little park in quaint Ashland, Mass. We were amazed at the options in such a small space, but the lake, the budding flowers of early spring, the bridge and waterfall and of course, Donna and Jimmy gave us so much to work with. So here’s a taste of their engagement session.

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- couple in park for e-session- ashland, ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- older couple kisses in ashland park during e-session

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride and groom to be on bridge at waterfall in ashland mass park

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- groom to be during engagement session- jimmy

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride and groom to be on bench overlooking pond during early spring in massachusetts

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- early spring flowers budding behind couple during e-session- outside boston ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- couple on motorcycle during e-session outside boston ma

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- bride to be hanging out on fiance's motorcycle during e-session outside boston massachusetts

donna_harley_davidson_engagement_session- hanging out with the wheels during e-session portraits metro west boston

Want a few more? Check out their slideshow. And check back later this summer for images from their wedding at the Exchange Conference Center in Boston.