When last I shared about Judy and Burgess’ Blackhawk Country Club wedding, we left off with the elation that followed the ceremony. Next up, portraits (which Dave knew would be great after their awesome engagement session), cocktail hour and then one heck of a party.

This might just be my favorite image from the day. It is very simple and direct, and I love the reflection of the sky behind them.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding_ bride and groom portraits at golf club in danville ca

Judy and Burgess had lots of guests coming up and congratulating them. Judy looks so happy to receive the warm wishes.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding_1 bride talks to ring bearer after the ceremony in east bay northern cali

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding_ bride and groom visit with friends during cocktail hour at wedding reception in the sf bay area

Judy’s maid of honor shared a first look at Judy’s new name.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding bride sees her married name for first time on name card with bridesmaid- northern cali

The speeches were hilarious. Perhaps Burgess doesn’t think so at this moment.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding groom embarrassed during best man's speech at east bay wedding reception

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding tears of laughter from bride and maid of honor during the speeches- sf bay area

Everyone wanted to get involved.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding guests get involved at san francisco bay area reception

Burgess and his groomsmen serenaded Judy.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding groom sings to bride during reception with backup by groomsmen- sf bay area

Enjoying their first dance as husband and wife.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding- bride and groom's first dance at the country club in danville ca

Later, Judy changed into her qipao. The games played during the reception are some of the most fun moments at a Chinese wedding. Judy and Burgess actually got their guests involved in the fun. What the guests did, Judy and Burgess did.

judy_burgess_blackhawk_wedding bride in chinese outfit kisses her groom during games at reception- san fran bay area- ca

I had to share just one more image from the night. Clearly everyone was having an amazing time. But no one would have expected this fantastic hug attack. Too funny!


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