Courtney and Brian are artists, both professional filmmakers and editors as well as graphic designers; plus Courtney is a trapeze artist. We were unbelievablely honored when they chose us to photograph their wedding day.

We wanted to make sure we captured their day in a way that spoke to their fun and creative nature as well as their individual personalities. Courtney is exuberant, energetic and courageous. And Brian is so, so sweet and supportive and genuine. They perfectly compliment each other. So today I share with you just a taste of what’s to come from their wedding at the Topsfield Commons. I hope you enjoy!

Courtney’s beautiful dancing dress and super cute shoes.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- brides dress and shoes in topsfield ma mansion

Hanging with the girls before the wedding.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride getting ready in boston area venue

Hanging with the boys…

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- groom toasts groomsmen northshore of boston ma site

A few portraits after the wedding. Tender sweetness.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom portraits in north boston venue

A little background for this photo…. Courtney and Brian asked one of their dear friends to perform the ceremony at the wedding. She also happens to be a trapeze artist and a member of the circus arts community. During the ceremony, she handed Courtney and Brian each a clown nose with the wise thought that they never take themselves too seriously. They started not taking themselves too seriously immediately after the wedding and obliged us with a few emotional photos.


Another of Courtney and Brian’s talents’, swing dancing. They were awesome with aerials and all. (By the way, guys, we’d love to join you sometime. We haven’t been swing dancing in a very long time and totally miss it.)

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom's first dance to swing music on the northshore of boston ma

Stealing a kiss during dinner.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride and groom enjoy a kiss during reception at northshore venue

After dinner and a bit of dancing and a few drinks, the circus crew went outside for a bite of dessert, aka fire. Okay so maybe it was more of a show than dessert, but it was so cool. This would be the "ringleader."

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- fire eating at reception of bride in circus arts

Several guests gave it a shot. And Brian used the tools of the trade to light his cigar.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- groom lights cigar during reception north of boston mass

Courtney was considering giving it a go. She had actually decided not to do it prior to the wedding- you know the whole don’t want to burn myself up and ruin the honeymoon idea- but then on the night of the wedding, she considered it. Here’s one of her attempts. Aaahhh, but did she go through with it? Check back to find out.

courtney_topsfield_commons_wedding- bride attempts fire eating at her wedding reception northshore of boston massachusetts

And I have to put a plug in for Courtney’s next trapeze show. It’s at the TSNY Beantown Boston area facility on Saturday, December 19 at 8 pm. We are so excited to finally be able to make it to one of her shows and it promises to be amazing. Come if you can!

Stay tuned for more photos.