When last I wrote about Jess and Ivan’s wedding, I spoke all about how chill they were and how they most looked forward to socializing with their friends and family. So when we shared the photos with them for their premiere, it was no suprise that they were most interested in seeing the faces of all their loved ones. They would point out, "Oh, there’s so and so" or "that’s my cousin…" or "that’s your neighbor from the time you were two…" Or "he was there when Ivan proposed in Ireland." Well you get the point. Their special day was all about the people.

Of course, the wedding day planning all started with the two of them and their desire to share their lives together. So I will pick up with the ceremony…

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding-bride enters to meet her groom during ceremony at harvard club

They pretty much kept all of the traditional events of the day short and sweet. And the ceremony was also very streamlined. They did, however, include the kiss.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- bride and groom kiss at harvard club in downtown boston ma

Because they elected to see each other before the tea ceremony and the western ceremony, we also took their formal portraits before the ceremony and they were able to attend cocktail hour.


Ivan found a way to chat with the friends right next to him and the ones across the room. 🙂

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- groom during cocktail hour

Jess hadn’t seen many of her childhood friends in a long time. She enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with her crew.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding-bride during cocktail hour in mass

One of the best parts of the Downtown Harvard Club is the view. Check out the sunset.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding sunset view during cocktail hour

I love it when a bride and groom are surrounded by their friends and family as they take the dance floor for the first dance. Though it seems for this moment, Jess and Ivan were in a world all to themselves…

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- bride and groom kiss during first dance

Jess’ dad gave the one toast, and he too kept it brief. That didn’t keep him from getting in a few good laughs.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- bride's father's toast during reception

I plan to share more details from their day later, but I couldn’t resist sharing this cake. It’s AMAZING!!! They wanted to honor Ivan’s chinese heritage so they had Konditor Meister decorate it with the double happiness. The swirls are like the clasps, frogs, that are the "buttons" on a Chinese dress.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- wedding cakes with chinese double happiness

And then it’s party time. Jess’ grandfather on the dance floor…

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- grandfather gets down

I am not sure if it was a special request or if the DJ just knew our boy Ivan. But Ivan is a HUGE Red Sox fan so when the DJ played Papelbon’s special song, Ivan and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves doing the Riverdance.

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- groom does can can during special baseball song

And one last image from the night…

jess-ivan-boston-harvard-club-wedding- bride and groom share a special dance in massachusetts

And their slideshow….

Special thanks to:

Tania and all of the folks at the Downtown Harvard Club– Tania is an amazing coordinator; she helped with Jess getting ready, provided the forgotten hairspray, and was always in the background guiding the day.

Also for taking care of all the special details:
Wedding cake: Konditor Meister
Floral: Nellie’s Wildflowers
Entertainment: Entertainment Specialists
Officiant: Justice of the Peace Helen Kerivan

Many, many thanks to Ivan and Jess. I am so, so glad you asked us to photograph your wedding. It was so much fun and such a special way to celebrate with you two.